Liftera V

LIFTERA is a treatment method that combines HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) and patented TDT (Thermal Diffusion Treatment) technologies. It involves delivering continuous point-shaped energy under the skin to create slender invisible energy lines. These lines form a mesh-like scaffold in the fascial and dermal layers, further enhancing the tightening effect and stimulating collagen regeneration to improve skin quality.

HIFU is an improved medical-grade focused ultrasound technology that heats the target area to 60-70°C. This induces a "denaturation effect" in protein tissues, resulting in thermal coagulation points and tightening of collagen for contouring.

TDT™ is a treatment technique that utilizes thermal diffusion and accumulation. Through a pen-shaped treatment head, it delivers continuous energy with dispersed thermal diffusion. As the number of passes increases, more heat energy accumulates in the deeper layers of the skin, leading to superior collagen regeneration compared to traditional HIFU.

LIFTERA is able to lift cheeks, tighten double chins and necks, improve skin sagging, texture, pore size, radiance, and diminish wrinkles.